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Hi! I am a freelance writer. I write articles, blog posts and short stories. Scroll down for something you can relate to!

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How Music Can Heal The Parts Of You That You Didn’t Even Know Were Broken

Since I could talk, music has been something to help me express myself when I felt like I couldn’t. My earliest memories include me in the back of a red Honda Civic singing Alicia Keys at the top of my lungs. I sang the words to her song No One with such pride, using my hands to mimic a fake microphone. I didn’t know the song was about loving someone so much that you’d never let anyone come in between the two of you. I’d never felt that feeling at that young age, but I felt the instruments, and that was enough to get me singing the song like a married woman

The "happiest" ending.

“I’m sorry but I think we’ve done everything we can, maybe you should try adoption,” the doctor said. Those words turned our world upside down. My wife fell in my lap and cried. I ran my hands through her curly black hair as tears ran down my face. I noticed the mixture of our tears staining my khaki pants but I didn't care. I knew my wife would be changed forever.

The first week after was treacherous. We spent most of our days in bed holding each other, only getting up to go to the bathroom. W

Youth Anxiety Becoming Permanent Impact of School Shootings

Most people spend about 12 years in school from the time they’re in kindergarten to their senior year of high school. Many say that the time period is full of the greatest times of your life. You have no worries. No rent, no bills, no job, just fun.

But what happens when you have to worry about your safety every time you step foot into school? What happens when you have to learn lockdown drills in case an intruder comes into your classroom? It creates an uneasy feeling that can manifest into an
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This Is Goodbye To The Old Me

While she’s better for me and I love her, I still love you.

I still think of you constantly.

You treated me horribly, for the most part. I hated the way you touched me with such disgust, how you tried to hide.

So soft-spoken and timid, you wanted everyone to hear you but how could they? How could they listen when you didn’t even listen to yourself?

You held onto everyone else’s words with such force. Sometimes it seemed impossible to get you to let go. You listened to what everyone said abou